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Music Autoplay HTML

Created on 26 March, 2024how to setup music on • 74 views

First, you'll need to download whatever song you want to play on your profile.

Once you've done that, head over to the blocks and select "Audio", and upload the file.

Then, add a custom HTML block and input the following code:

<audio loop="" id="audioatp" src="uploads/files/SongHere.mp3"></audio><div id="blurthepage" class="blurpage"><div class="center"><button class="musicbtn" id="musicbtn"><i id="volumebtn" class="fas fa-volume-up"></i></button></div></div>

Where it says "songfile.mp3", head back to the audio file, and copy the long list of letters and numbers, right above browse.

Then you're done. The audio should have a popup for users to allow autoplay.

(A block will be added for this later on when I'm not feeling lazy)